Generic Wellbutrin

Generic Bupropion–an easy way to stop Smoking

No doubt that smoking is an extremely dangerous habit, a form of addiction which was proven to cause serious health issues including cancer and asthma. It was estimated that each cigarette a person smokes brings him/her closer to lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and coronary heart disease. 7 seconds post inhaling nicotine enters the brain. A pack of cigarettes a day equals to 500 X-ray irradiation for the year!б
Various medical and public organizations are concerned about nicotine use, trying to make people aware of the dangerous effects of smoking. People should be aware of nicotine addiction and exert all the efforts to stop this habit. Still for some smoking quitting is a very hard thing to do. Nicotine addiction makes smokers urge for regular inhaling of the nicotine smoke.
бупA great wish to stop and self-discipline are of course preferred for quitting smoking. For people who cannot stop by themselves, a special medical help is needed. It may include consultation, group therapy and using medicines indicated to assist in smoking cessation.
Anti smoking drugs, containing smaller amounts of nicotine cannot be viewed as a remedy for those who addict to nicotine smoking, the use of such drugs is often ineffective.бупроп
Generic Bupropion under the names of Zyban and Wellbutrin is a proven, very effective way to stop smoking once and for all.
Generic Bupropion is available in the market and indicated for the people who want to stop smoking. The main component Bupropion is an antidepressant with properties to reduce the urge for smoking and facilitate the process of smoking cessation. Taking generic Bupropion a person usually does not want to smoke, he/she is able to control the desire for smoking or does not have it at all.
The medicine does not produce any serious side effects and can be used even in children from the age of 14 years.
One should remember that generic Bupropion must not be used together with medicines containing nicotine.

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