Reduce cigarette harm to your health- choose Bupropion

The idea of harm reduction by limiting the number of actual cigarettes which a person smokes a day is controversial. Yes, the toxicity and carcinogenic potential is reduced in such people still tobacco smoke contents are so poisonous that the cease of smoking often means the prevention of numerous disastrous disorders.

Even if the cigarette contains low amounts of tar, the level of known poisonous toxicants in it is great and risky for your health. You should not misuse the idea of “light” cigarettes and consider them “healthy” and non-risky for your health.

Neglecting the hazards of smoking means neglecting the high risks of death.

The first initiative to stop smoking may be reducing the amount of time being exposed to the smoke, then reducing the amount of smoke inhaled.

Today scientists prove that cessation improves the quality of health, well-being and life as a whole. The reasons for pursuing the goals of smoking cessation are obvious and very serious. The reduction of health harm is observed with further improvements in general health, low risks of cancer and other severe disorders.

The concept of risk downsizing applied to smoking tobacco is supported by society, medical organizations and pharmaceutical companies which develop various medicines to help people stop smoking.

The observations of non-smoking are persuasive: people who do not smoke live longer and healthier lives. When smokers stop smoking they actually increase the average period which they expect to live.

Drugs created to help people quit smoking minimize the risks of getting back to the habit.

The medicine Bupropion reduces the actual desire to smoke. The action of the medicine does not involve use of nicotine in the other form, it does not contain nicotine and is not a replacement therapy. Bupropion decreases the cravings for nicotine and lessens the chances for withdrawal symptoms.

The medicine effectively targets the goal in people who suffer from depression related to quitting smoking and in people, who tolerate the nicotine-free period without any unwanted effects, depression or stresses.

The medicine starts working in the body when there is a stable level of the main component in the blood. So, lots of patients need to use this medicine for about 1-2 weeks before they see the results.

Bupropion can be used up to 6 months and even a year. It does not cause any serious side effects in the majority of patients. Only small group of patients can experience some side effects of Bupropion.

Usually the medicine is prescribed for the period of 7-12 weeks.

Generic Bupropion–an easy way to stop Smoking

No doubt that smoking is an extremely dangerous habit, a form of addiction which was proven to cause serious health issues including cancer and asthma. It was estimated that each cigarette a person smokes brings him/her closer to lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, and coronary heart disease. 7 seconds post inhaling nicotine enters the brain. A pack of cigarettes a day equals to 500 X-ray irradiation for the year!б
Various medical and public organizations are concerned about nicotine use, trying to make people aware of the dangerous effects of smoking. People should be aware of nicotine addiction and exert all the efforts to stop this habit. Still for some smoking quitting is a very hard thing to do. Nicotine addiction makes smokers urge for regular inhaling of the nicotine smoke.
бупA great wish to stop and self-discipline are of course preferred for quitting smoking. For people who cannot stop by themselves, a special medical help is needed. It may include consultation, group therapy and using medicines indicated to assist in smoking cessation.
Anti smoking drugs, containing smaller amounts of nicotine cannot be viewed as a remedy for those who addict to nicotine smoking, the use of such drugs is often ineffective.бупроп
Generic Bupropion under the names of Zyban and Wellbutrin is a proven, very effective way to stop smoking once and for all.
Generic Bupropion is available in the market and indicated for the people who want to stop smoking. The main component Bupropion is an antidepressant with properties to reduce the urge for smoking and facilitate the process of smoking cessation. Taking generic Bupropion a person usually does not want to smoke, he/she is able to control the desire for smoking or does not have it at all.
The medicine does not produce any serious side effects and can be used even in children from the age of 14 years.
One should remember that generic Bupropion must not be used together with medicines containing nicotine.

Bupropion dosing for smoking cessation

Bupropion is a medication from the drug class of antidepressants, it is used for smoking cessation in adults and children older than 14 years of age.
Bupropion for the smoking cessation is known under the brand names of Zyban and Wellbutrin.  The medicine effectively stops strong desire to smoke in patients and prevents the occurrence of withdrawal symptoms of nicotine cessation.stopsmoke
Bupropion dosing for smoking cessation- adult dose:
The treatment is usually started with 150 mg of Bupropion used orally once a day.
To sustain the effect: the dose of Bupropion  can be increased up to  300 mg per day, in divided doses twice a day. The higher dose of Bupropion should be administered only 3 days after beginning therapy.
Bupropion dosing for smoking cessation- dose for children older than 14 years of age:
Bupropion can be prescribed to patients older than14 years of age and with the body weight no less than greater than 40.5 Kg:
The recommended dose of Bupropion for children is 150 mg orally twice a day of sustained release for seven weeks.

Result was good!

iBupropion was the drug that finally worked to ease my husband’s depression. He tried  Effexor and Prozac (zombie)  then nothing for years.He started treatment two years ago on Lexapro.   He was willing to try drugs again, because the depression got so bad. He decided asked his specialist  about Wellbutrin. And this drug has done wonders for his problem, though less helpful on anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But he doesn’t know if he can continue to afford this drug, because the cost of Wellbutrin has steadily increased.

Results of this drug

buMy husband is a big fan of this drug. Bupropion really takes the ‘edge’ off. He is far less bothered with things and it turns off the dark thoughts. He  has a calm-centered indifference while still holding his interests and feels far more optimistic.
The dose 20mg of this drug works pretty good for him. When he took the first pill of this drug he really noticed a difference. Side effects are minimal.  It is a little bit harder to go to sleep at night however, but he has insomnia many months. He wants to continue take Bupropion and advise you buy it now!